Scribbles from the Scraps

The name of the blog is called Mathetis, which is Greek for pupil. I have found that over the last few years of going to Sunday school, there have been too many precious lessons learned. Each week, I learn how little we actually know about God. He has given us His word, but that is only a glimpse of who He is. It is no wonder pastors who go to seminary still study the same book their entire lifetimes. I mean, seriously, the book isn’t that thick.

Oftentimes, I find that oh, that’s a pretty good phrase or word. Let me just write that down real quick. But as we all know, once we scribble that little piece of wisdom on that scrap piece of paper, we stick it right back into our pockets to be lost again in that load of laundry. Occasionally, we might try to be good and start a notebook. But I can’t even tell you how many notebooks I’ve started. I even tried to start notebooks based on genre, like one for my diary, one for notes from camp, notes from sunday school, notes from whatever other conference I went to. Let’s face it, not one of those books have been filled. But then I was like, why don’t I keep a blog? I can enter keywords in to find what I need in the future (because handwritten notebooks don’t have that function yet…). I type faster than I write, AND someone else can get that same lesson that I just thought it was worth to write down.

Thus, the birth of this blog. This blog is not meant to be my diary. It will simply be a collection of my notes from Sunday school, Sunday service, basically advice from people who know a lot more than me about everything. I’m glad we’re entering into that digital age because these blogs will be saved FOREVER. And if one of my little grandchildren need advice, I can just flip on through here and find it. I’m kidding with myself. This probably won’t last that long. Grandchildren are like 40 years later because I’m only 24…But here’s to hoping for a month of lessons. Then I can up that goal later. If I make that. These posts won’t be long (because I don’t want to write that long. I know myself too well. The longer they are, the less likely I’m going to make this goal) They may just serve as a 5 minute read everyday.

Here’s to becoming mathetis of His word together.




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